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Due to guidance released by the DFE during COVID school is now required to have an online learning platform that can be used to teach children during lockdown, whether that is a class bubble or whole school due to local guidance.  The purpose of this policy is to set out what the school will offer in light of a lockdown and how we will facilitate ongoing learning.  This policy uses the best possible picture where all children are able to access online learning.  To see how to use this click on the link for our school guide.

Access to Google Classroom

All children in SMSP will have access to a Google Classroom account.  This has been auto generated via a google sync app on Wonde.  The children will be shown how to access the page and a letter for parents on how to set up the account has been created (Appendix A).  This letter explains step-by-step about how children can see their learning and participate in ongoing learning during lockdown.  The children will have an account, which is first letter of first name followed by second name eg.  A password will be generated and an admin can reset a password at anytime.

Learning Expectations

Each day, a minimum of 3 lessons will be added onto google classroom for the children to work from.  This learning will be an English lesson, a Maths lesson and a foundation subject, in KS1 we ask all children to complete 20minutes of reading and 20 minutes of handwriting. In KS2 we ask all children to complete 20minutes of reading, 20 minutes of TT Rock stars and 20 minutes of handwriting.  These lessons will be a mixture of online learning, video explanations and differentiated work. 

Each day will start with an online registration of approximately 10mins where the teacher can explain the routine for the day and see who is able to access the learning.  This will be conducted via google meet.

Class Bubble

Morning online registration (10mins)

Online lesson


Afternoon session









Year 1





Year 2





Year 3

(Lge meeting room)




Year 4 





Year 5 





Year 6

(Lge meeting room)





(In nurture area)




Teacher Contact

A ten minute registration is taken at the start of the day and this is a chance to engage with the class teacher where needed.

Throughout the day, questions may arise about learning that need clarification and teachers/teaching assistants will be available to respond to questions.  The best way to contact teachers is via Google Classroom on either the stream from 8.45am until 3.00pm daily, or the children can send a direct message if required (this is only when the matter is one of safeguarding).

Submission of work

When children are working from home they may be asked to submit work.  This can handed in via Google Classroom either as individual worksheets or pictures.  When appropriate the teacher will give feedback either to the whole class or individually but this won’t be for every piece of work. 

If a child is unsure about work completed they can ask a teacher to look over a piece of work and the teacher will respond when they can regarding this. This will happen either via Google Classroom or phone but it may take a few days to complete.


As this involves video calling using google meet, we will set it up in a way where children can only enter a video forum if the class teacher is present.  A class teacher will only admit more than one pupil at a time and can remove pupils if they are not following the guidance.

  • Where possible an adult is present when the teacher is online to supervise the child.
  • Children must be dressed appropriately (not pyjamas)
  • Children must be based in a communal room in a house eg lounge, kitchen (not a bedroom or bathroom).

If a teacher has any safeguarding concerns then they are to pass this on to the DSL or Deputy DSL ASAP and we will follow normal school safeguarding procedures.

Paper Packs

Whilst we understand that for some paper packs are ideal, under safety measures this won’t be possible.  Either a child won’t be in attendance as the family should isolate, the child has been required to isolate and therefore parents will struggle to attend or school will be in a complete lockdown.  Therefore, we won’t be in a position to get work out to family’s and this will then serve to widen the gap on those around them.

Letter – Online Learning Parental Letter

Online Learning questionnaire response – Remote Learning

DFE Remote Learning Statutory Document – DFE Remote Learning

Safeguarding Concerns

If you are worried or concerned – you are able to contact:

Including online abuse
Including online abuse
NSPCC – 0808 800 5000
NSPCC – 0808 800 5000
Knowsley MASH – 443 2600
Knowsley MASH – 443 2600
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