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Information for Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you all so much for your support during this challenging time for us all.  We are now at a point that the government has explained that schools are going to be open for all in September and that attendance is now again statutory.

We have continued to receive lots of government guidance over the past weeks and months and we have been working with staff and governors on possible ways to implement it.  As you will appreciate and we now feel that we have made school as safe as possible for children and staff.

Governors and staff have now met to discuss the plans and we have decided that

  • We will close school on a Friday afternoons at 2.30-2.45 to enable teachers to plan sessions and to undertake a deeper clean of the site.
  • Staggered start and end of the days will continue throughout the Autumn term
  • Breakfast Club and After School Club has now started and we are doing a weekly booking system to ensure staffing levels are appropriate.

In this letter, I will be outlining the main changes to our normal routines which we have identified as part of our risk assessment, for those in school these have become familiar. We hope that the measures we have put in place will reassure you. While we cannot eliminate the risk completely, we have done our best to ensure it is minimised.

Below are a number of the measures we will be taking.


Teaching staff Each teaching group will have one teacher and a teaching assistant. These adults will remain with this group.  Small groups may be taken out but one of the adults from the bubble will deliver this and they will not mix with other year groups.   This measure is needed to ensure smaller teaching groups and to avoid cross contamination.
Stationary School will provide children with pencils etc as usual but they will not be able to share equipment. Parents may wish to provide their child with their own pencil case, pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, colouring pencils for their sole use in school.
Marking Books Marking of books will be limited to avoid any virus transmission to staff and children. Children will be able to self-mark where possible (for example in maths and verbal feedback will still be provided).
Curriculum Whilst online learning has been successful, the children will have still missed a large chunk of the curriculum. We will therefore have to prioritise the aspects which we feel are most important, particularly within the core subjects of English, maths and science.  We will also engage in lots of activities that are linked to wellbeing while delivering as broad and balanced a curriculum as possible.
Break Children will be reminded of social distancing measures at breaktimes. These times will be staggered according to teaching groups and children will be reminded to stay away from all other groups.
Lunchtime Either a packed lunch/hot meal provided by school or a packed lunch provided by parents can be eaten.  School lunches will be delivered to classrooms and eaten at desks rather than in the hall. There will be time for exercise and again these times will be staggered according to teaching groups and will need to comply with social distancing where possible.
Water Bottles Please provide a water bottle with your child that can remain with them for the day.  We won’t be able to share bottles in school.
Sun Cream and Hat Please can you ensure that when the sun is shining that you provide sun cream and a hat.  The children will be asked to apply the cream themselves and will live in their trays.
Staff Breaks and Lunch Staff will organise breaks and lunch within their class team group.  Staff will be encouraged to leave the classroom.  They will be able to access the staffroom which will be regularly cleaned.
Hand washing Regular handwashing will be in place for teaching groups. The children will wash their hands when coming into school, before eating, after using the bathroom, before leaving school and regularly during the school day.  This will be with either soap and water or santitizer.
Online Learning Google Classroom is now established and we will support children to access this at as we will share homework on here.  If we need to close down a classroom due to an outbreak then learning will be posted on here.
Shorter day on a Friday School will close between 2.30-2.45 on a Friday.  This is to support staff to prepare both taught sessions and online learning activities.  During this time school will also have an enhanced clean.
Staggered start and finish times Children will be allocated a start and finish time for their teaching group. It is very important that they stick to this time and that a 2m distance is kept between adults and children around the school gate.  If a child needs to be accompanied, only one parent should attend. Parents cannot gather at entrance gates or doors, or enter the playground or school site (unless they have a pre-arranged appointment, which should be conducted safely).
Cleaning rota Our cleaning team will be increasing their rotas and teaching staff will also have access to appropriate cleaning materials in the classroom. High touch points such as light switches will be cleaned more frequently than usual.
Classrooms Each teaching group will remain in the same classroom with the same people as far as possible.
Uniform Children will be expected to wear uniform and also request that clean uniform is worn daily.  School uniform will be sold from school on Wednesday 26th August (9.30am-3pm) as we haven’t been able to do our usual order system.
End of the day At the end of the day collection will be via the field gate and it will take place at staggered times to reduce footfall.  This will even happen when it is raining so please wear appropriate footwear. Collection will be on the playgroup for most groups. Nursery/Reception will continue to be at the front of school.

These plans have been mostly used during wider reopening and have been working but there will no doubt have to be modifications to these plans as we see how they work in practice with more children returning.

Classroom timings


Class Bubble Start of day


Start of day


End of Day


End of Day

Collection point

Friday Finish Time


8.50 KS1 Door 3.00 KS1 Door

Near Main Reception





Nursery Door 3.05 Nursery Door 2.35
Session A

Monday / Tuesday :  8.45 – 3.05

Wednesday : 8.45 – 11.05


Session B

Wednesday : 12.05 – 3.05

Thursday : 8.45 – 3.05

Friday : 8.45 – 2.35

Year 1

(In year 1 Classroom)

9.00 KS1 Door 3.05 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field

Year 2

(In year 2 Classroom)

9.00 Junior Path 3.10 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field

Year 3

(In Year 3 Classroom)

8.55 Junior Path 3.05 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field

Year 4

(In Year 4 Classroom)

8.50 Junior Path 3.15 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field

Year 5 (In Year 5 Classroom) 8.45 Junior Path 3.10 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field

Year 6

(Blue Room)

8.40 Junior Path 3.05 Playground

Access Via Large gate on field


(In Nurture)

9.00 Via Car Park

at After School Club exit / play area

3.00 Via Car Park at After School Club exit / play area 2.30

We will be sharing our safety video for children daily, please click on the link to see what we are saying to your children and ensure they are ready for what it is like in school,

School continues to be committed to ensure that we support families as much as possible.  If you need anything then contact us on

Please also see the letter from Knowsley’s Assistant Director for Education – Letter to schools from Assistant Director

Please also find a letter from the Assistant Director for Education (18th September 2020) – Letter to Parents and Carers

Kind regards

Mr Iain Parks

Sent on Behalf of the governing Body

St Mary and St Paul’s.

COVID School Reopening Risk Assessment Version 9

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