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Curriculum Impact

Impact of our curriculum

Children are well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of Christian values and British values to help them develop as loving human beings. They value the use of our core values Aspire, Hope, Joy and Serve to drive their actions.

Children enjoy reading and see it as a means to learn through fluent and become effective reading, find out new things and as well as for pleasure.

Children are becoming confident and fluent mathematicians, applying their reasoning and problem solving skills to a range of real-life situations.

Children will become confident and independent writers across a range of genres and subjects

Children demonstrate many high-level skills, such as reflection and empathy through written and spoken tasks.

Children develop a knowledge of a range of extra-curricular activities and cultural experiences.

Children can recall key knowledge from current and previous areas of learning. Knowledge is retained in children’s long-term memories.

Children can confidently apply knowledge to their learning.

Children are confident using and applying high-level topic vocabulary.

 Children are articulate and confident to talk about a wide range of subjects.

 Children enjoy learning and are excited and inspired to learn new things.

Children demonstrate appreciation and wonder of the world they live in.

Children who grow as independent learners and develop resilience in learning.

Children have positive attitudes to learning.

 Children are open-minded to learn and gain new ideas.

Children show self-awareness when forming their own ideas and beliefs.

 Children show respect for all and value difference and diversity.

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